Our drive

A Bank with close ties to the territories served.

A grass-roots focus reflected in close integration with our local communities

We are a Bank, but we are not driven solely by profit. Consistent with the mutual and cooperative spirit that is part of our history, we are convinced that lending must be an instrument in support of territorial growth and social needs.

Deep roots

We have become very substantial, comprising 3 banks present in 18 Italian regions, with 1,215 branches and outlets:  we are now part of a major Group, able to respond to ever more competitive market challenges, but we are still what we have always been, close to the needs and projects of those who live next to us.

The Group


At the service of our communities

We have broadened our horizons, while maintaining our roots.

As ever, we like to think of ourselves as a bank at the service of our communities: our objective has always been to link our growth to the economic, social and environmental growth of the territories in which we are present.

Today, following significant expansion, we are able to combine the best of national scale and local characteristics. A journey facilitated by the consensus we have earned along the way. Expansion founded on our vision of the Bank as an engine for growth and progress, based on our desire to grow together.


For people

For us, people are at the heart of everything.

In the territories where we are present, our primary objective is to seek the common good: we work in order to grow together, alongside the persons, households and firms that live and work near us.

A social role that we intend to pursue in all of the communities that we serve, as we have always done.