Vision and objectives

"We want to be a Quality Bank that exceeds the expectations of its customers and local communities"

We have put people at the heart of this project and imagined a new approach to Banking.

We want to be lean, simple and digital.
Solid and sound with a profit orientation.

We want to be an instrument of growth.
For territories, communities, businesses and individuals.

We want to achieve all of this founded, as ever, on our core values.

Our plan: 3 priorities for 2017

We now have a new common home for us to grow together, but we are still what we have always been, close to the projects of those who live near us.

We are already a major Group: our objective is to continue doing our job, but to do it even better.

To achieve this, we have identified 3 strategic areas to work on.

To create and distribute value to our shareholders in a stable and lasting manner



Enhanced profitability from a better focus on those customer and product segments that generate more value


Risk profile

Improved risk profile and solidity via the targeted growth of lending and greater specialisation in the area of risk management


Operating costs

Better operational efficiency thanks to a less complex business model and a multichannel approach